Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A pair of Oakley sunglasses harvests an honest

The Oakley sunglasses shop is remote, but its business is good because it is the only nearby Oakley flagship store.
The rain outside was not slow But it came in from the rain a mother and a son.The woman had gray hair.The boy squinted his eyes and was thin with a string of sloping letters printed on his pullover,and the fluff at the corners of his mouth, like a corn hair,he looked shy.
He greeted the woman passionately,and the woman said she was content to buy her child a pair of sports sunglasses.The university was a key university,and her child had been recruited to Z University with the glory of a youth cycling champion.
 Listen to him recommend the performance and price of all kinds of Oakley sunglasses,the smile on the woman's face gradually disappeared, keep saying,which is not only two pieces of glass and two plastic legs, why so expensive.The woman's mouth pouches kept on,but she began to choose carefully for his children from the frame and the lens.He also explained carefully that the Cheap Oakleys sports sunglasses series,both in product design and material selection,which were all made by a special craft. Ensure the comfort of the product and high quality performance, so that the combination of function and fashion high degree.
Finally,the boy put on his carefully chosen Oakley zero sunglasses and looked at himself in front of the mirror. The woman smiled and swept the code with her cell phone,she paid the money,and disappeared into the rain curtain.
Whose bag?The wife's eyes were pointed and she found a small bag on the high stool.He opened it,and inside it was a stack of hundred-dollar bills bound with leather tendons. She counted it,there were nine thousand.
He usually closes at 6 P. m.,which is not closed until 10:00. At 11:00, it is about to close the door, a sweaty teenager burst in, uncle you have seen a red bag,a little old.It was the boy who bought zero sunglasses in the afternoon.
He asked what was in the bag, in such a hurry?The teenager wipes sweat said,that is just to be ready to save 9,000 yuan of tuition fees, originally mother with,today he came home only to find the money is missing. Mother went to the police station without even having dinner.I followed the route we took today and came back to take a chance.
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Next day,the woman hurried in,followed by two men,one with a camera and the other with an interview microphone, apparently a reporter. Before he could talk, "Comrade reporter, the kind brother picked up the tuition fees of the children. Thank you."
The third day,it just opened the shop door, on the ground an envelope: thank you, uncle.I was sorry I misunderstood your idea the night before last.I was afraid that you and my mother would have a kickback before they asked the reporter to testify.I'm very sorry and your Oakley sunglasses are so comfortable that I'll play with you later.
So this is the story of Oakley harvests honest!
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