Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Oakley Flight Deck replacement lenses in general is still relatively easy

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But the Oakley Prizm lens is not Transition, there is a certain limit of the scope of the light transmittance, Oakley sapphire iridium film Prizm lens is relatively versatile, strong light and too dark, it can only endure, this is not An all-weather adaptive lens, but for normal weather, a lens is sufficient to support the back from 8:30 am to open the cable car, until 5 pm a pleasant day down the mountain.
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Oakley Prizm

Disassembly change lenses:

Oakley Flight Deck replacement lenses in general is still relatively easy, the frame is very soft, the new snow mirror when the lens is also very smooth, the replacement lens is also relatively easy to install, remember when dismantling top-down, bottom-up installation The rules on it, and Oakley glasses inside the box there are detailed dismantling installation diagram, clear and easy to understand.

There are no other Flight Deck lenses on hand, but the lenses are still disassembled more than a dozen times using a variety of rough or delicate tactics. Because the design of the frame and lens interface is very scientific, the gap can be maintained after each installation The same overall, people change lenses is also very practical, do not have to worry about because the seal is not strict fog. Large lens area, but also no border design, disassembly easy to rub on the fingerprinting, if Airbrake and Airwave with Oakley Switchlock can more easily replace the lens, it can effectively reduce the fingerprint pollution.

Oakley Flight Deck is very pleased to use it so far, and it's worth it in every aspect of its field of vision, sight, comfort, compatibility, etc. Unfortunately, this year's climate has not had a weather environment that could create a limit test, otherwise You can know in the case of anti-fog cold defogging effect. However, this year's warm winter can test the ideal weather, really hard to say.
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